There is a lot to do in the vicinity of Vistas Guacimo, whether it is for golf, beaches, yoga, zip-line, observation of birds (or flora) everyone must be pleased. Here are some few links:

Costa Rica is an exotic and tropical destination where one finds the most beautiful natural sites, National Parks, Cultural institutions in an unique and pleasant atmosphere.

San Jose (capital)

San Jose is the heart of Costa Rican culture where students, intellectuals and artists live. This city is the home of Spanish neo-classical and colonial buildings, green neighborhoods and museums. We find an interesting nightlife and very good tables.

Coffee plantations

On the narrow winding country roads of the Central Valley, you will discover a bucolic landscape hills surrounded by agricultural lands and coffee plantations.


The volcanoes of Costa Rica are part of the volcanic arc of Central America which forms a link in the Pacific ring of fire. Amazing to explore!

National parks

The lovers of  nature  will be delighted, Costa Rica counts no less than 26 National Parks. Managed by the SINAC (Spanish acronym of: Sistema Nacional Aeras of Conservacion) the country created its first national park in 1955.

International Airport Juan Santamaria  (32 km)

Is a domestic and International Airport serving the city of San Jose and the largest city of Costa-Rica in central America.
Tél: +506 2437 2400

The city of Atenas  (7 km)

The town of Atenas is surrounded by mountains and several coffee plantations, in the center of a properous agricultural region. It is located in the province of Alajuela on the west part of the Central Valley at approximately 750 meters above the sea level. It is renowned for its exceptional climate. A weekly market of fresh fruits and vegetables from local producers is located in the village, such as a health center, drugstores, doctors, dentists, a tennis court, a fitness center, banks, parks, shops, stores and nice restaurants.

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